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The person featured in this blog is a veteran I met down in Nashville. He served 8 years in the Air Force as a Flight Engineer back in the 80’s. He fell upon some hard times due to issues out of his hands and some that was brought upon from bad decisions. I decided to talk to him just find out his story. Sometimes people just want someone to talk too. We had a pretty good conversation. He told me about what happened to him along with his dream to be contractor and writer.


For those of you who have served, you know the transition back into the world can be a tough one. For some its pretty smooth but for others they never really integrate back in. So many vets develop issues when they get out, they become homeless, isolated and sometimes commit suicided. Vets feel like no one understands them outside of other military vets. Finding a job is hard to find. It can be difficult to find something that fits the skills you developed while you served. Also, as you know, a lot of vets have PTSD and this thing called Hyper Vigilance.

Help (OSDTN)

Despite the issues one may have, there are many organizations out there willing to help.  One such Organization here in Nashville is Operation Stand Down. They focus on helping all Veterans and their families by engaging, equipping, and empowering them. They offer a wide range of services, including employment assistance, VA benefits assistance, networking, housing, and much more. This non-profit could always use volunteers and donations to help our community of vets.

I challenge all of you to get out there and do your part to help the vets in your community. Thanks for reading and hope all you have a great week. 



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