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You know, I really love photography especially when you are able to be apart of a special occasion where you can capture and document genuine feelings and reactions. Just a few days ago, I came in contact with this young man named Scott.  Scott was telling me over the phone about his plan to fly into Nashville for vacation with his girlfriend, and while visiting, he wanted to do a surprise proposal. He was looking for someone to photograph the surprise. Now, I had never done a surprise proposal, and always wanted to be apart of something like that so without hesitation, I said “I’m all in.

I drove down to Nashville, Cumberland Park to be exact, and scoped out the area for Scott. I sent a few pictures of the area and what I was wearing so he can spot me. 3 o’clock rolls around, and it was game time. I was pretending that I was just another photographer taking landscapes on the bridge. The plan was to ask me if I could take a few pictures of him and his girl and that he would pay me for them.  I took a few standard touristy pictures and after that, the scene was set for for him to propose. Her reaction and excitement was priceless and was grateful to be apart of it. Congratulations Scott & Jade!!! If any of you out there would like to do a surprise proposal here in Nashville, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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