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My First Camera

Some of you may or may not know how I got started in photography.  Honestly, I don’t think I chose photography, I believe it chose me.  I have always been interested with cameras and images but never really looked into taking pictures of any kind.  It all started when my wife bought me my first camera for Christmas in 2009. It was a Nikon D5000, a basic consumer camera.  I was super excited about it & immediately started to read up on how to use it.  At that time, it was just a hobby and only took simple snap shots in auto mode. I never thought about trying to make money from it or go any further with it.

Photographer Frustration

Now, fast forward to the year 2013. My wife wanted to get family pictures done with one of those traveling photo companies, you know the type, the ones where you dress up your kids with their costumes and the pictures are almost always done in sepia. Also, they entice you with a really cheap sitting fee of $20 but charge you like $1000 for a print or two. Well, maybe not quite $1000 but it seems like it. Anyway, there was a lot of people there and it was very hot in the rooms.  At that time, my wife just gave birth to our 5th child. When we started the session, the photographer kept trying to put my kids in weird unnatural positions. If you have kids or been around them, you know that they don’t sit for very long and have a short attention span.  I asked if he could just take pictures of them just being kids but he refused and continued to have them sit or pose.  The photographer started to get a little rude and I started to get frustrated and angry.  After a few shots, I have just about had it and we got the kids a took off.

Photography Epiphany

The conversation I had with my wife in the car when we left was basically me venting about the whole situation, thats when I had an epiphany.  I said “wait a minute, I have a camera and I can take pictures of the kids myself”. So, I decided to research composition, lighting, software, and editing. Believe it or not, I was all over Pinterest and YouTube learning from other photographers. While looking up all this stuff, I was testing and experimenting with my kids at home. At this point right here, is where I started to really fall in love with photography. I went from doing family lifestyle, to landscapes, weddings, and now studio work/portraits.

As you can see, I never went to school or had any previous experience, I taught myself. I don’t know everything there is to know about photography. I am always trying to learn from other photographers and those who know the industry. Right now, Michael Gomez of Westlight Studios in Franklin, TN, has taken me under his wing. He is a great mentor and I appreciate everything about him. I give thanks to God for giving me an eye and a love for photography and the opportunities to progress.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you guys have questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Take care and have a great day!!

Marcus Serrano



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