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Hello everyone! Are you a photographer, and in the market for a good strobe? Or maybe you can’t seem to pull the trigger on spending all that cash for a Profoto. Well, I think I found something that just might fit your budget and rivals Profoto in my opinion. Looking for a strobe can be a little exhausting. All that time spent on the internet looking up companies, and reading reviews trying to figure out which is best for you. I did the same thing, but in that search I found the company Godox. Just to be clear, I am not endorsed by Godox, and this is not an in-depth review, just an introduction of a sort.

AD 600 Pro

So, Godox just came out with the AD600 Pro All-in-One outdoor flash. There are so many cool things about this strobe. The first thing I really like about it is that fact its wireless. It takes about two hours or so to fully charge the battery. I took it for a test run a few days ago with fellow photographer. We took just over 300 shots at just under half power.  I checked the battery’s power after the shoot, and it was sitting around 75%, which I thought was pretty good. The second thing that is pretty awesome about this strobe is that it has a built it wireless X-system/receiver. I have the X-Pro flash trigger for Nikon to control the strobe. With the flash trigger, I can adjust the settings for all the flashes right on my camera never having to leave to adjust each strobe manually.

Profoto or AD 600 Pro?

There are so many great features about this strobe that I would love to talk to you about but I’d rather encourage you to go to their website to read up on it. I also attached a few sample images that I took with the AD 600 Pro for you guys to see for yourselves. One other thing I would like to mention, while conducting research on the Godox AD600 Pro and the Profoto, the performance and stats on both were pretty much the same with the Godox coming out ahead by a small margin. The Godox has 100 more watts as well. So far, I am very pleased with the AD 600 Pro strobe and probably looking at purchasing a few more in the near future. If you guys have any questions about the Godox strobe and how its performing for me, just shoot me an email and I will get back to you with some answers.  Hope all you have a great rest of the week and God Bless!

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