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Hero Of The Week!

Meet Allie. She is this week’s Hero. Allie decided at a young age that she wanted to be a police officer and is now living that dream.

She works hard day in and day out for the Cheatham County Sherriff’s Department all while being a single mom to her three kiddos.

Being a mother has made her more aware of the risks she takes working in law enforcement and she is more conscious of her own safety than she would have been before she had kids. As she puts it, “I want to be able to make it home to my kids.”

Allie truly has a heart to serve and protect her community maybe even more so now that she is a mom. She knows part of the job is sometimes putting herself in harms way, but she is willing to do it. She knows that not only is she protecting the community in which she serves, but she is also protecting her family. She does it willingly day after day.

Thank you to Allie for serving, and for doing all that you do, not only for the community, but also for your kiddos. Whether she thinks so or not, she is a hero.


Marcus Serrano


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